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Expectant mothers wishing to delivery natural and not surgically want their babies to be in the head down back left position, most other fetal positions are called breech. Mothers can employ many gentle techniques for helping babies turn from a breech position to the natural position for safe child birth. Midwives are often experienced at determining the position of the baby, but with the advent and widespread use of ultra-sound the in-disputable position of the fetus is now a matter of record. Expectant mothers employ many means of helping the baby turn to a more natural position, two of the most gentle and logical methods being swimming and gentle belly jiggling.

While midwives have helped expecting mothers for many years with these techniques, more and more mothers are delivering at hospitals and with the aid of medical PPO plans where in the normal course of pre-natal care mothers see the OB-Gyn early in the pregnancy and seek frequent ultra-sounds to check on the development of their growing unborn infant. Sadly, too few know of the help that a certified Webster Technique chiropractor can provide for mothers with babies in the breech position.

More and more the medical community is cooperating with the chiropractic community on health issues, but not always do the pre-natal health and care attendants know that mothers can seek a natural and gentle professional technique. So many people are familiar with chiropractic care for spines, necks and joints. Today’s chiropractors are better trained than ever before and have state of the art X-ray and diagnostic equipment including access to more sophisticated and modern scanning techniques. Bringing your ultra-sound of your unborn baby to the chiropractors office is just one example of the modern marriage of the gentle and un-invasive science of Chiropractic and the traditional field of Medicine.