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“If every American drove a 70-mile-per-gallon hybrid Honda Insight instead of a gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle, we could stop importing oil tomorrow”    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

“ALL THE COLORS OF THE SUNSET!!!”   TEQUILA,an eleven year old lilac crown amazon hen (DNA sexed) is our talker. Her favorite phrases include: “Where’s the Kitty”? and to either answer back or have me answer, “MEOW”!!! Other favorite phrases of hers include: Come to MaMa, I’m Adorable, Talk to Me, What’s Up Doc, and Good Tequila, as well as many others. Besides having an almond snack, her most favorite thing in the entire world is taking a bath as seen here!!! Please visit Tequila’s page for another picture and more information on this wonderful amazon    FERGIE, TDX, CGC, (Registered TDI THERAPY DOG), Fergie is a six year old yorkshire terrier who has completely taken over our household. She has moved in and found that warm place in my home and heart. She’s become a very SPECIAL member of “THE GIRLS” is turning out to be the “STAR” of our all-girl review!!! On April 16, 2000 “FERGIE” became the first yorkshire terrier in the history of the breed to ear a TDX TITLE(TRACKING DOG EXCELLENT. )Fergies webpage is filled with laughs and pictures and is newly updated.  Although I no longer have or breed Pacific Parrotlets, if you click on the button below you can view our 1998 clutch from egg to hatching and beyond!!!!

“If I am allowed to catch only one fish, let it be the Pavon”   Cichla temensis – the largest of the genus The Peacock bass (Cichla spp.), a native of tropical South America is in actual fact a cichlid. Called the Pavon or Tucunare in their homeland, they gained the common name because of their basslike shape and peacock feather `eyes’ on the caudal fin. Considered by many to be the world’s greatest freshwater game fish, this magnificent and largest member of the Cichlidae family has been successfully introduced into Central America, Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico and Guam for sport fishing. The current IGFA World Record rod and line capture 27 pounds fish caught in Rio Negro, Brazil, by Oklahoman, Gerald `Doc’ Lawson. The charm of the Peacock bass was made known to the world through an article in TIME Magazine entitled The New Fishing Frontier. Peacock bass has been bred in captivity for some years now in Taiwan and Indonesia mainly for the aquarium trade. Some ponds in Malaysia and one reservoir in Singapore was known to have been either intentionally or unwittingly stocked with fish that were originally imported for the aquarium. Fish sold as Cichla ocellaris in the aquarium trade may turn out to beCichla orinocensis or the smaller Cichla monoculas.  Project Peacock My pet project for the study and development of Peacock bass as a gamefish in Malaysia. Any exchange of information on this fish is greatly appreciated!  Fish Related Topics & Conservation   International Sportfish Fund  Cichla – taxonomy page by Dr. Sven O Kullander, NRM  AFS Committee on the Human Dimensions of Recreational Fisheries  Peacock Bass Articles, Books & Gallery   Tucunare of Hawaii  Tucunare – Peacock bass (Brazil)  The New Fishing Frontier (TIME Magazine)  Florida’s Fish Of A Different Color  Fish & Famous – pb & personalities  IGFA World Record Peacock Bass  Pockets of Peacock – Peru (Larry Larsen)  Brazilian Peacock Action (Larry Larsen)  Brazil’s Aquatic Ambassador (Andy Hahn)  South Florida’s Peacock Bass (Book by Carlos Hidalgo)  Proud as a Peacock (Vic Dunaway)  The Fishing World’s Peacock Bass Book (Brazil)  International Peacock Bass Forum (Hosted by TFW)  Young Tuc’ (young Grande Peacock)   Commercial Peacock Bass Sites      X-treme Angling’s PeacockBassOnline Larry Larsen’s Outdoors Quest! Global Angling Adventures  Venezuela Bass Fishing Tour  Acute Angling  Amazon Tours Inc.  Guri Lake, Venezuela   Interesting Fishing Sites   Mark Sosin’s Saltwater Journal  Fishinternet Australia  Net Friend’s Sites  Jim Sawyer’s Fish!ing and Boat!ing in SE Florida (Florida) Victor’s Freshwater Fishing (Venezuela) Spike’s Fishing (Singapore) The Malaysian FishSite (Malaysia) Mister Nature’s Bungalow (Florida)

Appreciating our interconnection with all His creation and the essentiality or fundamental need for compassion toward all…….Breathe and Smile 🙂 Since its inception in 1996 I have received many comments on this website. What has, and continues to, amaze me are the many references to the term “new age” in relation to some of my experiences. I personally see nothing “new” about my lifestyle. In point of fact my studies, which have resulted in many positive changes, are based on time honored lessons that afford a greater extent of Peace. I have not only enjoyed hearing from visitors over the years, I have also found feedback to be very helpful in improving this site. Please take a moment to sign the guestbook, or email me with any comments, questions or concerns.   This site was updated on February 7th, 2006 and is in a state of constant momentum as I continue to experience and embrace life. &nbsp &nbsp  My Spiritual Paths Saints Tips for Natural Living  Tea Leaves Soapmaking My Fibre Adventures  Voice for the Voiceless Words of Wisdom Sunday Spin-ins Blog  Wenatchee Chapter  Washington Native Plant Society

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