Atlanta Phone and Internet

Huntsvilla Technologies, from Athens, Georgia is a phone and internet installer for Atlanta phone systems especially north and east of Atlanta Ga. Huntsvilla Technologies specializes in phone system sales and installation, internet, structured cabling, networking and cctv. Huntsvilla Technologies and their crews of experienced phone system sales and service professionals provide phone systems such as the Vertical Wave which is a VOIP system unlike the tinny sounding cloud based products from other vendors.

Huntsvilla Technologies optimizes and fine tunes VOIP phone systems with the proper characteristics for optimum call quality and to utilize the cost and feature advantages of VOIP phone systems without the drawbacks that many other less experienced vendors struggle with in optimizing VOIP installations.

Economic advantages with new VOIP installations include the use of a more unified structured cabling environment using half the cable runs for home run closets. Less cluttered structured cabling environments are combined with the most sophisticated internet networking routers, switches and telephony equipment allow Huntsvilla Technologies to deliver systems that provide the best benefits for Car Dealerships, Legal Offices, Medical Offices, School Systems, Government Offices and Call Centers.

For more information on phone system installations north and east and all around Atlanta Georgia, contact Huntsvilla Technologies from Athens, Georgia.