Atlanta Movers and moving companies

Atlanta residents wishing to relocate their households have a secret weapon. Mark the Mover has built a reputation with people that is unbeatable around Atlanta, just ask your friends and neighbors, family and co-workers. Since 1978 Mark the Mover has been building that tradition of a quality move. We are proud to maintain our quality while other companies may grow faster or do more moves. Despite being one of the oldest locally owned and operated moving companies in Atlanta Georgia, Mark the Mover is not the largest. We focus on quality and not simply trying to get every moving job in Atlanta.

We get more than half of our moving leads from people that have moved us before or referrals. Mark the Mover can boast this fact because year after year, our moving crews offer the same high level of service while other companies might cut services, use contract labor or day labor. Mark the Mover is not interested in getting bad reviews because we chose to compete against the discounters. After all, some people want to drive a cheap car and some people want to drive a nicer car. In the case of our moving crews, since they are experienced and hard working, you don’t really have to pay a whole lot for the nicer moving experience.

One thing we do hear is that our hourly rates may seem higher than our competitors. There could be some reasons for this that are worth the higher rate. Our moving rates include the truck, fuel and crew, plus we carry a supply of 50 to 75 moving blankets to carefully pad all your furniture. There is no extra charge for using the pads. If you cannot return the pads at the end of the move, there is a charge for those pads. There also may be a charge for packing materials. We carry an ample supply of moving and packing materials to take care of any last minute items.

There are some ways to save a few bucks that you might be interested in doing. If you can fit your plasma or LCD television in your care, you can save the charge for renting our plasma TV transport containers. Of course, have everything packed and not needing any extra materials is a good thing too. Also our moving tips page shows consumers how to maintain and keep an eye on their valuables by transporting them in their cars. Your car also may be a way to transport certain items that by law we cannot transport. We cannot transport gas cans or propane tanks, for example.

We are also reluctant to transport house plants. Sometimes it is better just to get new houseplants at your new home, but that is not as easy with fish and pets. While our expert moving crews will handle 99 percent of the moving, please check with us and use our moving tips page for Atlanta Movers to prepare for your move.