2019 PGA

The East Lake Golf Club in Decatur Georgia, east of downtown Atlanta, hosted the 2019 PGA Tour Championship.

This is the debut of the Starting Strokes format for the FedExCup. In this new scheme, more players have a chance to win the cup with a winning performance at East Lake.

Saturday evening August 24th play stopped when lightening hit, sending five people to the hospital in ambulances.

2019 Socialist Convention

The 2019 Socialist Convention was held at the Atlanta Peachtree Westin Conference Center. Room rates at the Westin run up to $300 a night.

The convention included a fundraiser.

Selected videos of action at the convention are here and here.

According to the AJC, the socialists plan to step it up in 2020.

Throughout the four-day democratic socialists gala that gathered at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, organizers promised a more musical approach to politics in 2020, emboldened by victories last year by two DSA members: U.S. Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

According to Jacobin, the 2017 convention included much discussion of advancing a campaign for Medicare for All.

The socialists pledged that if Bernie Sanders is not the candidate, they will not endorse a democrat presidential candidate.

They discussed an approach to environmental issues that they described as anti capitalist.

They pushed for open borders, abortion access and the decriminalization of prostitution.

A keynote dignitary at the convention was Khalid Kamau, an Atlanta City Council member who complains a lot about his pay.

Ozark filming this week

Marty Byrde moved from Chicago to the Ozarks of Arkansas to escape being murdered by a Mexican drug cartel. Marty engages in a series of businesses to launder money, the one thing he can offer the drug cartel to keep his family alive.

The dark Netflix serial has been filmed on Lake Alatoona and Lake Lanier, both lakes having a dam geography similar to the Ozarks. The lower Ozarks are created by the Bagnell Dam.

WSB-TV says Popular Netflix show ‘Ozark’ filming in Gwinnett Co. this week

AJC says Netflix series ‘Ozark’ filming in Gwinnett city for three days

Grand Canyon Georgia

If you want to see the Georgia Grand Canyon you had better hurry, it may erode away in the next 200 years. Located west of Lumpkin is Providence Canyon State Park, a small attraction of great beauty where layers of sand, clay and minerals nicely managed by the State of Georgia.

Ten miles of trails can be navigated in a single day, the canyon sides drop more than 100 feet from the coastal plains north to the levels that lead five miles to the elevation of the Chattahoochie River. Because of the soft soil and the river to the west, this erosion has been occurring for thousands of years.

Backcountry Trail – Blazed red.

As a word of warning, the seven mile Back-Country trail loop is rated extremely difficult. Do not attempt without proper footwear, buddies and ample water. In the state park system, red blazing denotes the highest level of hiking difficulty.

2018 2019 Filmed at North Dekalb Mall

  • Watchmen
  • The Mule
  • Fear Street
  • Cobra Kai
  • MacGyver
  • Bad Boys for Life
  • Zombieland 2

Watchmen is a upcoming HBO fantasy superhero dystopic where society looks at superheroes as criminals. Produced by White Rabbit and Warner Bros. Television, based on DC characters. from DC.

The Mule has been released, a feature film, Clint Eastwood in thriller where he was helping the cartels.

Fear Street is a teenage horror serial.

Cobra Kai is a Karate Kid serial.

MacGyver is a serial about a clever guy that uses his head to fail criminals and escape tricky situations.

Bad Boys for Life is an action comedy sequel feature film.

Zombieland 2 is the next full length feature film sequel to the original, somewhat comic and follows a few surviving humans, headed for Ohio or an amusement park or just headed for some teenage entertainment.

City Paid Law Firms With Airport Funds – AJC

The AJC has reported that the city of Atlanta often used airport revenue to pay law firms to respond to the ongoing federal investigation into corruption at Atlanta City Hall


Business April 22, 2019 By Kelly Yamanouchi, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – FAA subpoenas Hartsfield-Jackson records in advance of audit – possible misuse of airport revenue

Longest Bridge in Georgia

The Sidney Lanier Bridge is often called the longest bridge in Georgia. There may be longer spans over swamps and lowlands, but the Sidney Lanier deserves mention as it is truly a remarkable bridge. On the bay of the Brunswick River, the bridge is in the middle of nowhere. Half way between Jacksonville Florida and Savannah Georgia, Brunswick is a less notable place than the infamous nearby Jekyll Island. Also adjacent to St. Simons Island, US Interstate 95 is almost three miles west of the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

The Sidney Lanier Bridge is incredible. With a roadway 200 ft above sea level, it is nearly as tall as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Opened in 2003, the Sidney Lanier has two lanes in each direction, and dozens of cars use the bridge every month. Its modern design is a postcard, and its cable stay towers reach the height of a 50 story skyscraper.

Wikipedia slide show

Aside from being a jobs program, the bridge was built because there has always been a bridge there. We couldn’t live without it. It connects downtown Brunwick Georgia with a road to Jekyll Island, and with a direct path to I-95 south, useful for trade with Florida. Brunswick Georgia is the largest port in Georgia for importing automobiles.

Savannah fans will brag about the Talmadge Memorial Bridge, nearly two miles long vs only 1.5 miles for the Lanier. But Lanier’s longest span is 1,250 ft to the Talmadges 1,100 ft. Both bridges have a clearance of 185 ft below the roadway, room for massive ships to pass. Both Bridges are modern looking cable stay bridges, but the Talmadge was completed in 1991, more than a decade before the Lanier.

The Lanier bridge replaced an older box and girder elevating deck draw bridge design, by the same firm that designed the catastrophe struck I-35 Minneapolis-Saint Paul bridge. Age, design, the weight of construction equipment and pigeon dropping all may have led to the I-35 disaster, but a different scenario wove through the history of the older Sidney Lanier Bridge. First, on November 7, 1972 the ship African Neptune struck the older bridge, killing ten. Later in 1987, a Polish freighter struck the bridge, without casualties.

Poet Sidney Lanier fought in the Civil War, was born in Macon, Georgia, was famous for his use of meter, and the relationship of the meters of poetry and music.