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At Mark the Mover, located near midtown Atlanta, we will be glad to come up to help you with your household moving project in Alpharetta Ga. But most of all, we want to make sure our friends and neighbors in Alpharetta get a square deal in their local and long distance moving project.

We have long recommended that consumers who are hiring moving companies for the first time in their life, and want to learn about the moving industry use the web site – These people started a forum on moving because one of them learned that there are moving companies that should not have been trusted in the moving industry. It is with deep regret that I even mention that, but the fact is, anyone with a truck can pose as a moving company. At Mark the Mover, we have even gotten bad reviews from people who thought they were using Mark the Mover, but they were dealing with a guy that faked some of our letterhead! So, we get burned too, and it just isn’t right.

If you are having trouble with

Moving Companies Near Duluth Ga

Folks looking for a moving company near Duluth Ga often pick Mark the Mover, and they pick us because of recommendations of friends and neighbors. With over three decades of moving company experience in and around Atlanta Mark the Mover has moved a lot of people. At Mark the Mover, our primary marketing focus is on providing a good moving service for our customers.

Mark the Mover gets more customers because they moved with us in the past than for any other reason. This allows us to spend less on advertising and marketing than less established and more desperate moving companies. We also don’t buy leads. If you fill out one of those forms on a website promising a call from up to five different moving companies, don’t expect a call from Mark the Mover. The moving companies that will be calling you simply don’t have the reputation and the number of happy moving customers that we have at Mark the Mover.

Another means that consumers use to find a good moving company is to look for online reviews. Two websites that folks often use are Yelp and Home Reports.

We mention quality when it comes to reviews, because you can’t always believe the reviews. Sometimes companies leave reviews for themselves, so consumers should watch out for that.  Yahoo is the worst for reviews it seems, some companies review themselves in waves. You won’t see a new review for a month or two, and then all of the sudden there are a dozen reviewers just glowing about how great the company was. One trick we use is to take the text of the sentence and search google, and we usually find that the same dripping praise is repeated for dozens of company locations all over the United States. Fat chance of that happening for real.

So the best kind of review, from family or co-worker, is the type of review that works out best for Mark the Mover. Ask around, and we are sure you will find people that were happy with the household relocation services attained from Mark the Mover near Duluth Ga. 

Moving Companies Roswell Ga.

When searching for a reliable moving company, many of our customers find Mark the Mover because of friends, neighbors and co-workers. Anybody that has had a bad experience with moving knows that there is a wide range in the quality of available moving services. Household relocation is a business that we need infrequently, the average American moves only once every seven years. When we are younger, we don’t have as much stuff, and after we acquire more furniture, our household becomes too large to move ourselves.

We also need to consider our health and the liabilities involved in moving ourselves. If someone is hurt, or damage occurs to the apartment we are moving out of occurs, we don’t really carry the kind of insurance needed to cover a large problem. Sure, if a wall is scratched the cost is small and we can apply some paint and plaster. But damage to floors, doors and windows can get expensive quickly, and only a reputable insured moving company can be trusted to cover your back in these instances.

In order to find that company we can trust, more and more people are turning to the internet, and two places in particular have a lot of information for moving customers near Roswell, Georgia, and Alpharetta and Johns Creek. First there is, very popular in Atlanta with lots of ratings for Atlanta moving companies in addition to restaurants and other service companies. Other consumers use Yelp, the Angie thing and these are good ways to see the kind of feedback a business has received.

Moving to Fulton County

Fulton County is large, running from the North, which is the old Milton County districts including Johns Creek and Sandy Springs down through Buckhead, which is expensive, Midtown, Downtown and on the south end is the old Fulton County Stadium area which includes the Atlanta Braves Turner Field. Moving your household to Atlanta and staying in Fulton County gives you a wide range of options.

Areas improving rapidly include midtown and the southwest Virginia Highland and Little Five Points Areas. You really have to hunt for bargains, as for example in prime real estate areas of the largely residential Virginia Highland district (west of Moreland Ave. is Fulton County) land can range from less than $100k to over a million per acre, depending on which block it is on.

If you do not need to live in the city, North Fulton, as well as Gwinnett and Cobb Counties offer affordable apartment living on the Northern Perimeter. On the other hand, if by ‘still in school’ you are considering Georgia State U., you should look at West Dekalb County along Interstate 20. Again, along Moreland Avenue there are some still attractively priced but rapidly improving areas.

Although Mayor Shirley Franklin (since term limited out) was attempting to increase the residential populations in the downtown area housing there is not readily available as it is in midtown or east of downtown and midtown. Also, downtown Atlanta has a vagrancy problem akin to other cities. Crime generally decreases, and grade school quality improves as you go north in Fulton County.

Largish apartments start around $1350, but in North Fulton there may be some bargains, and there are for sure some better deals in Gwinnett and Cobb counties.

One hip new area is Atlantic Station. Very close to Georgia Tech University, it is also rapid transit accessible with Georgia State University. The down side is that housing here jumps almost 50% higher in cost, but it might be a good starting point. There is parking included with most apartments, but your parking space may be somewhat of a hike from your front door.

The subway covers a good bit of Fulton County north to south. From Atlantic Station, you can hike or take a shuttle to the Marta (subway) station at their Arts Center station. On a nice day you would skip the shuttle and take a nice urban 1/2 mile walk.

Marta also goes through the Northside / St. Joseph hospital district, which, if that is a career path you fit into, offers tons of employment. It continues up to Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, which are another possible place to live. You will find less expensive housing in Sandy Springs and if you can work the health sciences jobs, this is a definite place to look. Upscale Sandy Springs apartments can run $1600 a month, very roomy, usually over 1100 square feet.

Less trendy and less convenient apartments north of the hospital district (two bedroom) can be as little as $1100 a month.

Jobs. Buckhead features a lot of financial jobs, Midtown and downtown are full of lawyers, and there are banking jobs in Downtown, Midtown, Atlantic Station and Buckhead. Software careers are abundant further north, starting in Sandy Springs but getting really varied north of Marta in Roswell and Alpharetta Georgia.

Back in the city, science and University jobs constantly available from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory University, Center for Disease Control and Oglethorpe just to name a few. CDC positions, with the proper credentials can start in excess of 50k, so with two of you working it would make ends meet quite well.

In short, Fulton County, north to south really consists of five major city centers, the sprawling and bland Alpharetta / Roswell tech district, the perimeter/hospital district, Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. Along the fringes of those areas are some out of reach expensive areas and some hidden treasures.

Free cubesheet calculator

At click the Household Inventory button to take a household inventory for moving and relocating. Whether you are using a moving company, or a container company, it is useful to make your own estimate of the weight and volume in cubic feet of your household goods. There is no obligation for using the online cubesheet calculator and it is available most of the time when server capacity permits. You will need to use your email address and create a password to use the free online cubesheet calculator, and then you can go from room to room on your ipad or tablet using any internet browser to enter the items in your household inventory.

At the top of every page is a link that allows you to email the results of the inventory to your email address. You will receive no other emails in connection to the free cubesheet online calculator than those you request. Our secure encrypted servers will store your email address and household inventory for 90 days, after which it is permanently deleted. Your email address is not sold or disclosed to anyone.

When renting a storage locker, containers like pods or ABF Relocubes, or just using long distance moving companies that charge by weight and volume, it is useful to have your own estimate of the weight and volume of household goods for moving. When an unknown moving company provides a quote based on weight and volume with fine print that allows them to charge extra if the estimate is exceeded, their intentions are generally to provide a low-ball estimate and to hold your possessions hostage until you pay extra charges. Reputable moving companies will not do this to consumers, as they have a reputation to protect. Not that every unknown moving company will play games, as consumers we should always look for new companies that may find innovative and lower cost ways to carry furniture around.

For an on-line weight and volume calculator, known in the moving industry as a cubesheet, visit free online cubesheet

Moving Companies Atlanta Ga

You can email yourself a household goods cubesheet at Atlanta Movers by going to the household inventory tab at the right side. Mark the Mover is a great local moving company in Atlanta that has been around for more than three decades. Starting more than 33 years ago in Virginia Highland, Mark the Mover is a locally owned Atlanta business in west midtown, also serving Alpharetta and Roswell Ga.

Mark the Mover uses more than a dozen local moving trucks liberally equipped with pads and equipment to make your moving project go quickly. We send more men than most any other moving company so the hourly charge may seem higher, but Mark the Mover is more likely to get done quickly, saving you time and money in the long run. Our trucks are outfitted for household moving, and much larger than the trucks of some of our competitors.

Mark the Mover also handles many interstate moves, especially to and from Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. Our moving services are an expedited process where trucks are loaded and run immediately to your desired destination. The large van lines like Bekins and United have to consolidate your furnishings with other shipments, a process that requires multiple handling of your stuff and a time consuming step. On the flip side, the large van lines companies offer lower prices. If price is your primary concern, and you can wait for your stuff, try Atlantic Relocation, one of our neighbors in the Chattahoochie Industrial area of Atlanta.

Households in Buckhead, Midtown, Sandy Springs and Brookhaven are also frequent customers of Mark the Mover. Mark the Mover is recognized as an excellent value among moving companies, despite the lack of high profile billboards and online advertising. Consumers see other companies with lavish promotional budgets and sometimes choose their Atlanta mover based on sponsorship of a sports team, but other consumers find Mark the Mover by looking for the company that quietly goes about their business without expensive television advertising. Half of our customers at Mark the Mover have moved with us before, or were referred by someone who moved with Mark the Mover.

Friends and neighbors, family and co-workers, if you ask around, Atlanta’s favorite mover is Mark the Mover. Not the biggest, not the most promoted, just plain good service for household relocation. 


When we move into our first apartment, when we are young, we haven’t much furniture and our friends are all young and ready to grunt and struggle with any heavy furniture. But as we accumulate more worldly possessions we start to think about hiring a moving company. First, there is the hassle of renting the moving truck. The pickup truck that used to handle everything in one or two loads now is just not big enough to handle much furniture. Multiple pickup trucks are still a lot of loads and a lot of trips. Then there is the need for things like furniture pads, furniture dollies and all the boxes we need while moving. And even if we spend a few hundred dollars renting a big truck and the pads and the equipment, who is going to drive it? Also, the cost of renting that truck keeps going up and up the longer it takes to load and unload.

At some point we start looking for moving services from a moving company, where they come with a truck and the helpers and load and unload. For local moving services, the first instinct is to get a low price. But we learn after the first time we move in this manner that the price of the first hour of moving services might have little to do with the total price of a move. We shop and we shop, and we thought we had a good deal. But too many times we hear that the truck was too small, or the crew was not motivated, they begged for a tip before the job was half done, the showed up late and the total bill seemed way too high.

At Mark the Mover, we really try to give you an honest idea of what a move will cost. For some first time purchasers of moving services, this approach costs us customers. But in the long run, they come back. In fact we get more of our business from repeat customers than any other category. They say that the average American moves several times in their lifetime, and after making a mistake or two choosing a trusted and reliable moving company, customers that finally come to Mark the Mover just seem to keep coming back.

Our professional and well attired crews arrive with big clean trucks, ready to take on the need for moving services, big or small. We don’t beg for tips, that is entirely up to you. But sometimes we are asked what an appropriate tip amount would be. For a small job, ten or twenty a man is plenty, and for big jobs, our customers sometimes tip more. But no tip is required, our movers are well paid, insured under workmen’s comp and have full access to health, 401-K and all the fringe benefits of a great company. That’s why we have many crew leaders that are requested by name at Mark the Mover.

So if you have decided to lower the stress level on moving day, call us and reserve your slot. We never over book so call early and get on the schedule, you can then be assured that your movers will be on-time, motivated to move your household quickly and safely, so you can enjoy your new abode. 


Atlanta Movers serving Suwanee

For three decades, Mark the Mover has built a reputation as a Atlanta moving company with clean and courteous crews and prompt and reliable service. Suwanee Georgia households looking for a reliable moving company do not have to search far for a company that has served Atlanta, Norcross, Suwanee and Johns Creek for a long time.

Mark the Mover has lots of reviews on the free website, or the pay per view Angie’s thing, and there you will learn that we treat our customers fairly and even though we are just a small, locally owned Atlanta company, we are a top tier moving company. We primarily focus on local moving, at least 80 percent of our time is spent moving households around Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell Georgia and Alpharetta for example. But we also do long distance moving carrying households to Chattanooga, Columbia, Birmingham and Jacksonville Florida for example.

Call Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018 – Call early, we run at 100 % of our crews, especially on weekends and near the end of the month.

Atlanta Movers

Moving Companies Atlanta

Days have changed but professional moving still requires picking up heavy furniture and tons of boxes. Moving companies Professional Experience: It does matter the company has more experience than you their association with the moving company the company should have a good record of good moving as well can find reviews over the internet from real people, and others from fake trumped up phony reviews which should be watch out for. choose the best professional mover total number of years of experience as a professional moving company at least five to 10 years. The Garage: Experienced moving companies might have a larger fleet of options open for you to make things easier when moving the fleet the more options you will have to choose from (choosing vehicles and mode of transport). Number of People: Logistics companies have people Because of their deliveries being at all places throughout the country Moving companies also function like logistic companies The Local Network professional mover. The local network is very important and their local destination you might not want to go with that mover local will help them move your goods through the place easily, without wasting much time and most importantly, move your goods along efficiently. Value for the bucks, the professional movers offer value for money services the growing number of such companies host of services that they offer things easier by having reviews and comparison applications on their websites service after Sales The deal of having your goods transferred from the start to the destination. Some of the newer and more innovative moving companies keep track of customers and moving experiences to help them in the business Atlanta Movers

Household Relocation

What is the cheapest and safest way to move? According to the best way is to rent a truck and do it yourself. With your trusted friends and family and with the aid of the correct furniture dollies and plenty of packing materials and moving blankets, carefully load the truck with the heaviest items on the bottom. Fill voids with cushions, comforters, pillows and other small light items. For a good book on loading the moving truck go to the library and check out Tiers without Tears by John Watts and Steve McPherson.

That is what we think at Mark the Mover Moving Co, which could make you ask, then why do we need you guys? The answer is easy. Most moving companies try to tell you that they can do it just as cheap, just as well. But as points out, this is not true. That is why we at Mark the Mover won’t tell you that we can do it cheaper. We are more expensive than moving yourself, and more expensive than 75 % of other movers.

Mark the Mover offers service. Don’t hire a mover to risk your belongings or waste your time. If you have made it to a point in life where your time is valuable and you can afford professional help with your relocation effort, the moving professionals at Mark the Mover are the best call to make at (404) 351-0018.

If you are going to do it yourself, or take your chances with the fly by night low price moving company market, make sure to visit and sign up for an account.