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Atlanta households have depended on a little moving company for more than three decades called Mark the Mover and just a phone call away at (404) 351-0018. Mark the Mover is dedicated to serving household relocations in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs with a coordinated and convenient moving experience.

Relocation of a household, an office move or corporate relocation are all handled seamlessly from start to finish by Mark the Mover Atlanta Movers. We address and focus on the customers’ needs and offer moving and storage services plus provide commercial services ranging from relocation to warehousing and distribution in addition to specialty transportation and crating and banding for LTL shipping.

Our range of services are tailored to meet our customer requirements, and our mission is to provide a quality service and to meet your expectations. As your full service mover, we are coordinated and convenient, dependable and hard working. We offer full-service packing and custom crating services to storage and shipping. We crave your satisfaction and our professionals go above and beyond to complete the contracted experience when and where and as quickly as our hard working professional crews can go. We seek to complete the job and final arrangements of furnishings and unpacking are not a problem, once the minimum hourly charges are reached, a state licensed mandate the minimum is, we bill in fifteen minute increments, so you don’t have to worry about going over a little bit and getting charged a whole lot.

Local moving around Atlanta and long distance moving around Georgia and the south eastern United States are all no problem for Mark the Mover. We are not the largest moving company from Georgia, but we offer the best service. We will manage your local and long distance move. We are not a van-line agents, and as such will not burden you with a wide range of estimated delivery dates. We leave for you destination as soon as the furniture and household is loaded on our trucks, and the same crew that loaded you will meet you at the destination as quickly as our trucks can legally be driven by DOT regulations to the destination. FMCSA limits drivers to ten hours of driving at a time, so most moves in the south east will be unloaded the next day. This is generally a little more than the van-lines do for you, and costs more, so it is up to you to decide if you can wait a couple weeks for your household goods, or if it is easier to get it all done as quickly as possible.

Mark the Mover uses modern moving trucks and technologies with plenty of pads, two-wheelers and four wheelers plus other contemporary equipment and resources necessary for efficiency. At Mark the Mover we have a wide array of experience meeting moving and storage needs. In addition, we also offer commercial services for our corporate customers that are relocating offices, we are competitively priced, efficient, flexible and dependable which is why households relocating all over the south east looking for Atlanta Movers find Mark the Mover to be the best combination of a reliable company at a fair price.

The roots of Mercedes Benz

On December 31, 1878, a guy named Karl Benz applied for a patent for a two-stroke engine design. Numerous patents had been pursued for the four stroke engine and Benz sought to patent an idea in a less crowded technological arena. In addition to Benz’ designs, several fundamental patent ideas followed for the two-stroke engine in the next decade.

One of the early innovators of the four stroke engine was a guy named Otto, who also worked with a guy name Daimler, which should be familiar names. Early attempts to build a car were thus probably called an Otto-Mobile.

Gliese 710 and the Oort Cloud

Planet Earth and our Sun, as well as the other (now 7) planets are often depicted as larger and larger rings in space, but the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud are made up of billions of comets, meteors and asteroids in three dimensions. But to get an idea of the true makeup of our Solar System, first consider that the entire mass of the gravitational influence of our Solar System is more than 100,000 times the orbit of the Earth, and shaped more like a sphere than a disk.

Light travels from the surface of the Sun to Earth in just over eight minutes, and to Neptune in four hours. The distance from the center of the Sun to the center of the Earth is defined as one Astronomical Unit, or AU. The edges of the Oort cloud are 50,000 AU from the Sun, which would be the radius, the diameter being 100,000 AU.

Within our planetary orbits lies the main asteroid belt. A handful of celestial bodies make up the vast bulk of the mass of this belt. This belt is more disc shaped. But further out from the orbit of our main planets is a much larger mass of billions of objects making up the spherically shaped Oort Cloud.

Here lies the problem with Gliese 710, and its expected approach to our Solar System. In 1.4 million years, Gliese 710 will have traveled over 60 light years at 50,000 mph towards the 100,000 Astronomical Unit diameter mass of our Solar System. While it is unlikely that calculations can be made accurately enough to predict whether Gliese 710, roughly more than half the mass of the Sun, will impact Earth, the Sun or any other planet, it only needs to travel within 25,000 AU or so of the Oort Cloud to start a chain reaction of events.

The billions of objects in the Oort cloud have had billions of years to settle into predictable orbits that keep the bulk of them from intersecting in orbits with Earth or the inner planets. But once gravitational forces from Gliese 710 act on the cloud, billions of objects will have these orbits stretched to different dimensions. While there orbits around the Solar System have periods of many thousands of years, there will at that point be billions of objects whose disrupted orbits over hundreds or thousands of years will now threaten the inner ranks of the Solar System.

Additionally, if Gliese 710 intersects more closely with the Sun, in the neighborhood of a few dozen AU or less, the impact on the orbits of the inner planets would be severe. Then there is the incredibly remote possibility that its path intersects with Earth or the Sun. That would surely be noticed.


Charge Controllers


Most solar panel arrays are designed for 12 VDC. Combinations in series could produce 24 or 36 VDC. But the better approach is to stay with a 12 volt system and charge a 12 volt battery system. a dozen 12 volt car battery array could run your refrigerator for up to a week, depending on the size and efficiency of the refrigerator and how often you open the door.


If you are performing a small experiment you can collect a small solar panel to a car battery. When you connect multiple arrays to multiple batteries to is time to use a solar charge controller.

Benefits of a charge controller

  • Prevent over charging
  • Condition batteries
  • Prevent discharge at night
  • Manage discharge
  • Pretty blinking LED lights

When selecting a charge controller, the most important thing to match is the size of the solar array to the rating of the controller.

A good rule of thumb is that on a 12 volt solar array, for every 15 watts of solar array we need an amp of solar charging controller.

Link to 4.5 Amp Waterproof Solar Charger

As we write this article, $38.00 gets you a 4.5 amp solar charge controller, which would then well serve 70 watts of solar panels. They also happen to sell a 70 watt solar panel for $225.00

If you have run an array of one dozen car batteries, a 70 watt solar panel would charge that over time, measured in hours. a 70 watt system with no losses would provide 70 watt/hours per hour. Large car batteries might store 700 watt/hours. Each battery that is 50% discharged will need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to charge.

By the way, one final thought, a 1500 watt inverter, to provide a 120 volt outlet for a refrigerator or freezer will cost around $200.00, so not including batteries we are spending around $500 on the panel, controller and inverter. Now go find a dozen batteries and a sunny spot.

Habitable Worlds

Other than Earth, Wikipedia lists 17 planets that could have sunshine and liquid water in our solar system, at distances ranging from 4.2 lightyears to 2500 lightyears away. If this were a complete list, we could break down our solar system into habitable areas of 2500 lightyears in diameter.

We would further consider that life could not be sustained in the interior of the Milky Way, due to Gamma Rays, Black Holes and other DNA squashing regularities of the interior.

So this would leave around 200 quadrants around the edge of the Milky Way, with several more in the arms such as where the Earth resides. Since no life has been detected in our local quadrant, other than Earth, we have little information with which to fill in the variables of the Drake Equation. Perhaps most of these quadrants have no life. But others contain two, or three civilizations.

We don’t know. Perhaps our own quadrant contains life that is closer to bacteria than to human. What is the likelihood that there is some primitive bacterial, stromatolite or even sponge like life in our quadrant. Some might say the odds are high.

But the odds of another civilization in our Milky Way are still difficult to ascertain. Two more civilizations? Five more? Certainly we have enough data to think it is unlikely that there are hundreds, or even a dozen civilizations in the Milky Way, and we still have no proof that there must be more than one.


Bell Auctioneers manages auctions and liquidations for supermarkets, restaurants, and food service locations. We will convert commercial food service equipment to cash in an auction format. RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT Serving the supermarket and restaurant markets, we create, market, manage and complete entire store, restaurant and industrial plant auctions. COMPLETE LIQUIDATIONS Bell Auctioneers will completely manage the creation and process of liquidating fixtures, equipment, stoves, griddles, tables, chairs, fryers, freezers, chillers, coolers, soft goods, dinnerware, pots and pans, tacogumMARKETING Bell Auctioneers has years of experience in both local and national marketing. Our contacts enable us to reach a wide range of buyers by email, phone and personal contact. Our campaigns create an excitement unmatched in liquidation auctions.AUCTION DAY We manage every aspect of creating and executing the liquidation sale. Qualifications Bell Auctioneers personnel are members and graduates of the National Auctioneers Association, the Georgia Auctioneers Association, the Certified Auctioneers Institute and the Certified Appraisers Guild

Covington Ga Salem Road Chiropractors

Huntsvilla Family Chiropractic Center, we specialize in natural health care without the use of drugs or surgery. Your chiropractor and our team of licensed chiropractic assistants and licensed massage therapists are continually researching the latest in natural health breakthroughs and bringing this information to our patients.

We focus 100% on every patient who walks through our doors and give them all the care they need.

Staff have helped patients with many problems, some of which are listed here. We have a variety of treatment options available, allowing us to chose the best treatment method for you.

Our goal is to remove your aches and pains as quickly as possible and exceed your expectations on your way to better health.

  • Gentle, Effective Spinal Manipulation
  • Postural Supports
  • Activator “Gentle Touch” Procedures     Available
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Pediatric & Senior Care
  • Postural Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Conditions- Nerve, Muscle,     Bone, Connective Tissue
  • Soothing Massage Therapy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress Management
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Complete Spinal Analysis
  • Acute Care
  • Difficult & Chronic Conditions
  • Structural Correction
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Myofascial Release
  • Health Maintenance
  • TMJ Dysfunction

How to pay for our services

We accept most forms of insurance. Please note that Chiropractic, Massage and Physiotherapy coverage differs between varied providers. We will gladly call your insurance provider for you when you come in for your first visit. We will let you know exactly what services are covered based on the doctor’s review of findings, doctor’s best recommendations and treatment. Before you begin a care program with us, we will review our fees for services with you and happily answer all questions to eliminate any surprises. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

If you are in PAIN or DISCOMFORT, do not wait a minute longer.

Call now for fast pain relief:

  • Emergencies seen immediately
  • Convenient & Affordable
  • Same-day appointments
  • Care reimbursable by most insurance companies

two stroke engines

The earliest two stroke engine patent, by Karl Benz, seems to go back to 1878 in Manheim Germany. The first challenges were to compress the air and fuel mixture, to mix the air and fuel, to spark the ignition source and maintain the forward velocity of the air fuel mixture. Early two stroke engine designs experimented with seperate compression chambers, valves and other four stroke rudiments to make the engine work before the modern crankcase evacuation design was perfected.

Two stroke engine patent history

Alpharetta Movers deserve good moving companies

At Mark the Mover, located near midtown Atlanta, we will be glad to come up to help you with your household moving project in Alpharetta Ga. But most of all, we want to make sure our friends and neighbors in Alpharetta get a square deal in their local and long distance moving project.

We have long recommended that consumers who are hiring moving companies for the first time in their life, and want to learn about the moving industry use the web site – These people started a forum on moving because one of them learned that there are moving companies that should not have been trusted in the moving industry. It is with deep regret that I even mention that, but the fact is, anyone with a truck can pose as a moving company. At Mark the Mover, we have even gotten bad reviews from people who thought they were using Mark the Mover, but they were dealing with a guy that faked some of our letterhead! So, we get burned too, and it just isn’t right.

If you are having trouble with

Atlanta Phone Systems

For Atlanta phone systems and phone system installation, contact Huntsvilla Technologies from Atlanta Georgia. Serving business telephone customers in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain and Decatur Georgia and all the surrounding areas, Huntsvilla Technologies are specialists in the latest telephony and telecommunications equipment including the convergence of IP telephony with the networking backbone of Information System operations.

Huntsvilla Technologies has installed numerous systems for Lawyers, Car Dealers, Manufacturers, Villages, Distributors and every sort of corporate environment. Our networking and telecommunications experts are also widely used in the construction of new buildings to install structured cabling backbones for PC networks and telecommunications needs required by tenants of all sizes. Huntsvilla Technologies creates low voltage backbones with structured cabling solutions supporting 10baseT, gigabit, IP telephony, audio-visual, closed circuit, security and monitoring for facilities and business functions.

Huntsvilla Technologies also installs switched services and internet capabilities using major carriers with T-1, dsl, adsl, fiber and microwave, we are experts at both data and switched service interfaces for telecommunications and internet protocols. Our load balancing experts configure routers to achieve the best voice qualities in the most challenging VOIP environments. We also provide and monitor PC user agent based lights out operating system, virus and malware maintenance for truly low cost and highly effective information technology application delivery.

Huntsvilla Technologies also sells and supports major KSU, PBX and VOIP phone systems. Our expert integration hook up more phone systems than any other independent eastern Atlanta phone system integrator. For Atlanta phone systems call Huntsvilla Technologies.