Atlanta Phone Systems

For Atlanta phone systems and phone system installation, contact Huntsvilla Technologies from Atlanta Georgia. Serving business telephone customers in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Stone Mountain and Decatur Georgia and all the surrounding areas, Huntsvilla Technologies are specialists in the latest telephony and telecommunications equipment including the convergence of IP telephony with the networking backbone of Information System operations.

Huntsvilla Technologies has installed numerous systems for Lawyers, Car Dealers, Manufacturers, Villages, Distributors and every sort of corporate environment. Our networking and telecommunications experts are also widely used in the construction of new buildings to install structured cabling backbones for PC networks and telecommunications needs required by tenants of all sizes. Huntsvilla Technologies creates low voltage backbones with structured cabling solutions supporting 10baseT, gigabit, IP telephony, audio-visual, closed circuit, security and monitoring for facilities and business functions.

Huntsvilla Technologies also installs switched services and internet capabilities using major carriers with T-1, dsl, adsl, fiber and microwave, we are experts at both data and switched service interfaces for telecommunications and internet protocols. Our load balancing experts configure routers to achieve the best voice qualities in the most challenging VOIP environments. We also provide and monitor PC user agent based lights out operating system, virus and malware maintenance for truly low cost and highly effective information technology application delivery.

Huntsvilla Technologies also sells and supports major KSU, PBX and VOIP phone systems. Our expert integration hook up more phone systems than any other independent eastern Atlanta phone system integrator. For Atlanta phone systems call Huntsvilla Technologies.

Moving Companies Near Duluth Ga

Folks looking for a moving company near Duluth Ga often pick Mark the Mover, and they pick us because of recommendations of friends and neighbors. With over three decades of moving company experience in and around Atlanta Mark the Mover has moved a lot of people. At Mark the Mover, our primary marketing focus is on providing a good moving service for our customers.

Mark the Mover gets more customers because they moved with us in the past than for any other reason. This allows us to spend less on advertising and marketing than less established and more desperate moving companies. We also don’t buy leads. If you fill out one of those forms on a website promising a call from up to five different moving companies, don’t expect a call from Mark the Mover. The moving companies that will be calling you simply don’t have the reputation and the number of happy moving customers that we have at Mark the Mover.

Another means that consumers use to find a good moving company is to look for online reviews. Two websites that folks often use are Yelp and Home Reports.

We mention quality when it comes to reviews, because you can’t always believe the reviews. Sometimes companies leave reviews for themselves, so consumers should watch out for that.  Yahoo is the worst for reviews it seems, some companies review themselves in waves. You won’t see a new review for a month or two, and then all of the sudden there are a dozen reviewers just glowing about how great the company was. One trick we use is to take the text of the sentence and search google, and we usually find that the same dripping praise is repeated for dozens of company locations all over the United States. Fat chance of that happening for real.

So the best kind of review, from family or co-worker, is the type of review that works out best for Mark the Mover. Ask around, and we are sure you will find people that were happy with the household relocation services attained from Mark the Mover near Duluth Ga. 

Moving Companies Roswell Ga.

When searching for a reliable moving company, many of our customers find Mark the Mover because of friends, neighbors and co-workers. Anybody that has had a bad experience with moving knows that there is a wide range in the quality of available moving services. Household relocation is a business that we need infrequently, the average American moves only once every seven years. When we are younger, we don’t have as much stuff, and after we acquire more furniture, our household becomes too large to move ourselves.

We also need to consider our health and the liabilities involved in moving ourselves. If someone is hurt, or damage occurs to the apartment we are moving out of occurs, we don’t really carry the kind of insurance needed to cover a large problem. Sure, if a wall is scratched the cost is small and we can apply some paint and plaster. But damage to floors, doors and windows can get expensive quickly, and only a reputable insured moving company can be trusted to cover your back in these instances.

In order to find that company we can trust, more and more people are turning to the internet, and two places in particular have a lot of information for moving customers near Roswell, Georgia, and Alpharetta and Johns Creek. First there is, very popular in Atlanta with lots of ratings for Atlanta moving companies in addition to restaurants and other service companies. Other consumers use Yelp, the Angie thing and these are good ways to see the kind of feedback a business has received.

Trusted Companies

It is a precious form of justice when homeowners can confront the shifty contractor. It is too bad that homeowners need to be so careful of their schemes;

The owner of a defunct roofing company was arrested last week at a Gainesville bankruptcy court in front of 15-20 irate homeowners and has seen the inside of four jails since then.

He seemed to think that nothing would happen to him, said a Ball Ground homeowner who witnessed the surprise arrest at the federal courthouse Aug. 25.

The complete article is here – shifty contractors.

Moving to Fulton County

Fulton County is large, running from the North, which is the old Milton County districts including Johns Creek and Sandy Springs down through Buckhead, which is expensive, Midtown, Downtown and on the south end is the old Fulton County Stadium area which includes the Atlanta Braves Turner Field. Moving your household to Atlanta and staying in Fulton County gives you a wide range of options.

Areas improving rapidly include midtown and the southwest Virginia Highland and Little Five Points Areas. You really have to hunt for bargains, as for example in prime real estate areas of the largely residential Virginia Highland district (west of Moreland Ave. is Fulton County) land can range from less than $100k to over a million per acre, depending on which block it is on.

If you do not need to live in the city, North Fulton, as well as Gwinnett and Cobb Counties offer affordable apartment living on the Northern Perimeter. On the other hand, if by ‘still in school’ you are considering Georgia State U., you should look at West Dekalb County along Interstate 20. Again, along Moreland Avenue there are some still attractively priced but rapidly improving areas.

Although Mayor Shirley Franklin (since term limited out) was attempting to increase the residential populations in the downtown area housing there is not readily available as it is in midtown or east of downtown and midtown. Also, downtown Atlanta has a vagrancy problem akin to other cities. Crime generally decreases, and grade school quality improves as you go north in Fulton County.

Largish apartments start around $1350, but in North Fulton there may be some bargains, and there are for sure some better deals in Gwinnett and Cobb counties.

One hip new area is Atlantic Station. Very close to Georgia Tech University, it is also rapid transit accessible with Georgia State University. The down side is that housing here jumps almost 50% higher in cost, but it might be a good starting point. There is parking included with most apartments, but your parking space may be somewhat of a hike from your front door.

The subway covers a good bit of Fulton County north to south. From Atlantic Station, you can hike or take a shuttle to the Marta (subway) station at their Arts Center station. On a nice day you would skip the shuttle and take a nice urban 1/2 mile walk.

Marta also goes through the Northside / St. Joseph hospital district, which, if that is a career path you fit into, offers tons of employment. It continues up to Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, which are another possible place to live. You will find less expensive housing in Sandy Springs and if you can work the health sciences jobs, this is a definite place to look. Upscale Sandy Springs apartments can run $1600 a month, very roomy, usually over 1100 square feet.

Less trendy and less convenient apartments north of the hospital district (two bedroom) can be as little as $1100 a month.

Jobs. Buckhead features a lot of financial jobs, Midtown and downtown are full of lawyers, and there are banking jobs in Downtown, Midtown, Atlantic Station and Buckhead. Software careers are abundant further north, starting in Sandy Springs but getting really varied north of Marta in Roswell and Alpharetta Georgia.

Back in the city, science and University jobs constantly available from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory University, Center for Disease Control and Oglethorpe just to name a few. CDC positions, with the proper credentials can start in excess of 50k, so with two of you working it would make ends meet quite well.

In short, Fulton County, north to south really consists of five major city centers, the sprawling and bland Alpharetta / Roswell tech district, the perimeter/hospital district, Buckhead, Midtown and Downtown Atlanta. Along the fringes of those areas are some out of reach expensive areas and some hidden treasures.

Free cubesheet calculator

At click the Household Inventory button to take a household inventory for moving and relocating. Whether you are using a moving company, or a container company, it is useful to make your own estimate of the weight and volume in cubic feet of your household goods. There is no obligation for using the online cubesheet calculator and it is available most of the time when server capacity permits. You will need to use your email address and create a password to use the free online cubesheet calculator, and then you can go from room to room on your ipad or tablet using any internet browser to enter the items in your household inventory.

At the top of every page is a link that allows you to email the results of the inventory to your email address. You will receive no other emails in connection to the free cubesheet online calculator than those you request. Our secure encrypted servers will store your email address and household inventory for 90 days, after which it is permanently deleted. Your email address is not sold or disclosed to anyone.

When renting a storage locker, containers like pods or ABF Relocubes, or just using long distance moving companies that charge by weight and volume, it is useful to have your own estimate of the weight and volume of household goods for moving. When an unknown moving company provides a quote based on weight and volume with fine print that allows them to charge extra if the estimate is exceeded, their intentions are generally to provide a low-ball estimate and to hold your possessions hostage until you pay extra charges. Reputable moving companies will not do this to consumers, as they have a reputation to protect. Not that every unknown moving company will play games, as consumers we should always look for new companies that may find innovative and lower cost ways to carry furniture around.

For an on-line weight and volume calculator, known in the moving industry as a cubesheet, visit free online cubesheet

Garage Door

Huntsvilla Garage door Birmingham Garage door repair is on google maps! We repair and replace garage doors around Birmingham Alabama and perform all adjustments and maintenance to keep your garage door working smoothly. Our expert garage door specialists also can replace your garage with a new door. If your front door has become weathered and needs more than just a paint job and you are considering replacing it around Birmingham and Hoover Alabama, Huntsvilla Garage Door can replace your front door with a new wood, metal or fiberglass front door. Our experienced door technicians can handle all garage door repair and replacement jobs as well as garage door repair and replacement plus the adjustments necessary for a safe and properly operating door. Huntsvilla Garage Door Service of Birmingham Alabama also repairs and installs new automatic garage door openers. Our garage door technicians are the best in the Birmingham Alabama area, and we travel all around the area so our technicians are never far away if you have a garage door emergency. For more information on garage doors or installation of screen doors and replacement of entry doors visit our web-site at Birmingham Garage Door Repair Overhead Door Repair Emergency Freight Carriers


Loganville phone system installations from Huntsvilla Technologies in Loganville Ga feature the Vertical Wave VOIP phone systems. A revolutionary pbx or ksu style voip capable phone system features the ability to leverage investment in not only analog phone system handsets but also previous investments in VOIP handset technologies. The advantages of installing the network backbone supporting the VOIP phone extensions include the ability to quickly reorganize physical locations of staff while maintaining the address of the phone extensions just by moving the previously paired VOIP handset to a new network capable location.

Huntsvilla Technologies installs T1 internet and dial tone access to compliment the VOIP technologies and the Vertical Wave include capabilities such as voice mail to email and addressable fax to email functions in a widely parameter driven soft configuration landscape. Multiple location phone system support can be configured by simply extending the network to multiple buildings within a property to wider location dispersal combining T1 access and the Wave phone system to provide seamless extension to extension calling across town.

Huntsvilla Technologies sells, installs and supports dial tone, internet, KSU and PBX operations from our Loganville Georgia technical center. Our customers in the Atlanta area are concentrated but not limited to Gwinnett County and include Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Monroe, Duluth Ga, Covington Ga, Decatur Georgia and primarily areas north and east of the Atlanta Metropolitan map but also extend to North Carolina, South Carolina Florida and Alabama.