2019 PGA

The East Lake Golf Club in Decatur Georgia, east of downtown Atlanta, hosted the 2019 PGA Tour Championship.

This is the debut of the Starting Strokes format for the FedExCup. In this new scheme, more players have a chance to win the cup with a winning performance at East Lake.

Saturday evening August 24th play stopped when lightening hit, sending five people to the hospital in ambulances.

Greensboro Antique Mall

Greensboro is the County Seat of Greene County Georgia. North of Interstate 20, Greensboro is on old GA 278, which roughly follows Interstate 20 east of Atlanta.

The Greensboro Antique Mall has a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GreensboroAntiqueMall/

The mall is around 15,000 sq ft, it has the feel of an old hardware store, there is a second floor and no escalator. If you have any interest in adding something unique that embodies the Georgia rural country lifestyle into your home decor, this is worth a visit.

The mall has been here at least ten years. They have attracted reviews from every possible review site, and almost every one of more than 200 reviews we saw were five star reviews. If you can visit the mall in a trip to Athens or Oconee, do it.

The mall has several tenants, but they are all jumbled into the building. There are some display cases that are locked that should be carefully scanned for items of interest.

Plate collectors will have a large selection here, vast amounts of china and silverware may even provide pieces to complete sets. Commercial signs, old tools, antique kitchen implements. If you need a stuffed deer head for the man cave, they probably have one. We even saw a blue spotted white china cat, perfect for a southern porch.

Dark Matter

Scientists are searching for Wimps. Weakly interacting massive particles are a particle that we think is sub-atomic, accounts for 85% of matter in the universe, and we just can’t find the stuff.

The most obvious clues of dark matter began coming in as soon as we had telescopes capable of observing remote galaxies. In the 1920’s astronomers were fascinated by the Milky Way and the stars in the night sky, but indications arose that there were more galaxies than just the Milky Way.

With less powerful telescopes, we looked at the night sky and believed everything was a star. We knew that the Milky Way was a dense galaxy of stars, but it was the more powerful telescopes that showed us that some things that we thought were stars were other galaxies.

Lord Kelvin advanced the theory that objects unseen were subjecting gravitational pull within the Milky Way in a talk given in 1884. He speculated that a large percentage of star bodies were dark in the Milky Way. In 1906 Frenchman Henri Poincare advanced the notion of matiere obscure, or dark matter.

In the 1920’s Dutch astronomers Kapleyn and Oort further advanced the theory of Dark Matter and Fritz Zwicky in 1933 was working at the California Institute of Technology and had access to the Mount Wilson Observatory and the Palomar Observatory. He made records of the rotation of galaxies other than the Milky Way and advanced the idea that the rotation of galaxies would cause them to fly apart without Dark Matter.

Brightest Star

Let’s get super Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, 8 light years from Earth and twice the mass of the Sun. Known by many as the Dog Star, it is part of the constellation Canis Major which is south of the Zodiac belt.

In North America, winter is the best season for viewing Canis Major, also known as Greater Dog. The star Sirius is the nose of the dog. Early in the winter, Leo, Cancer and Gemini occupy the 2AM sky from Denver, along the ecliptical plane and towards the east. To the west in the Zodiac belt are Taurus, Aires and Pisces. In the middle of November in the middle of North America, Taurus dominates the night sky.

If your born between April 20 and May 21, Taurus is your sign. The Earth is on the opposite side of the sun from constellations from the opposite sphere of the Zodiac, like Sagittarius and Capricorn. During the course of a year, we gradually see the constellations from the twelve signs of the Zodiac dominate the equatorial plane of the night sky.

Sirius and the constellation Canis Major likewise are best viewed when the planet earth is on the correct side of the Sun. It is more easily seen from the southern hemisphere, although if you look toward the horizon or get on top of a mountain, you improve your chances. Gemini is next to Taurus, and may be the easiest ecliptic constellation to spot, as two bright stars at ten and 11 o’clock, and another bright star a four o’clock. It is supposed to be twins with their feet at the lower left and their heads at the upper right as you throw your head back while facing north.

Below and to the right of Gemini is Orion, and near that is the famous star Betelgeuse and below them more in line with Gemini is Canis Major. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky is the nose of the hound.

Moving Companies Atlanta

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2019 Socialist Convention

The 2019 Socialist Convention was held at the Atlanta Peachtree Westin Conference Center. Room rates at the Westin run up to $300 a night.

The convention included a fundraiser.

Selected videos of action at the convention are here and here.

According to the AJC, the socialists plan to step it up in 2020.

Throughout the four-day democratic socialists gala that gathered at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, organizers promised a more musical approach to politics in 2020, emboldened by victories last year by two DSA members: U.S. Reps. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

According to Jacobin, the 2017 convention included much discussion of advancing a campaign for Medicare for All.

The socialists pledged that if Bernie Sanders is not the candidate, they will not endorse a democrat presidential candidate.

They discussed an approach to environmental issues that they described as anti capitalist.

They pushed for open borders, abortion access and the decriminalization of prostitution.

A keynote dignitary at the convention was Khalid Kamau, an Atlanta City Council member who complains a lot about his pay.

Ethylene oxide Covington Ga

In 2016, the US EPA made a decision that ethylene oxide is “carcinogenic to humans” by the inhalation route of exposure. They based their decision on a weaker premise that rates of cancer in work areas that harbored high exposure levels were elevated, and strong evidence of cancer in laboratory rats.

The news that areas in Covington and Smyrna Georgia were affected was broken in a WebMD article on July 19, 2019. The article says about the chemical …

It’s used to sterilize medical equipment because it penetrates cardboard, paper, and plastic, laying waste to microbes like bacteria and fungi that can cause infections or spoil foods.

Local news picked up the story, reported by 11-Alive here, they also credited Georgia Health News for breaking the news. GHN and WebMD talked to state regulators, who have the task of balancing the risks with jobs and economic health.

No company can release the chemical without a state permit. The permits were first issued before the US EPA issued their guidance. No doubt the sterilization of medical devices offers great benefits, but the number of cancer cases in Covington are disturbing.

According to 11-Alive …

The EPA considers it unacceptable if you have 100 extra cases of cancer per 1 million people exposed. In the Smyrna area, it was 114 extra cases of cancer, which is unexceptionable to the EPA. In Covington, it was over 200.

These cancer cases cannot be directly linked to the current controversy. There are certainly other causes for this anomaly. Certainly, intense study needs to convene immediately of these rates for Covington, Georgia.

Mall at Stonecrest

The Mall at Stonecrest (often Stonecrest Mall) is a four (4) anchor shopping mall in Lithonia, Georgia along Interstate 20 in eastern metro Atlanta. The Mall of Stonecrest is off exit 75 on Interstate 20 at Turner Hill Road.

The Mall at Stonecrest opened in October 2001 on the growing I-20 corridor. Near the mall is a Walmart Supercenter and Nalley Hyundai and Nalley Toyota, Rooms to Go Furniture, Panera Bread and many dozen other retail enterprises.

The mall’s current anchors are Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Macy’s. One anchor is vacant. Also attached to the mall on the second floor is a movie theater including Imax.


Etna Collapse

One reason the potential collapse of Etna is so interesting is research of late that points to a possible collapse 8,000 years ago. But before we examine the historical facts, let’s review the fears of a future problem.

“Research finds that the Italian volcano’s southeastern flank is moving both above ground and under the sea …” – more

‘Catastrophic collapse’ of Mount Etna could trigger tsunami, scientists warn … more

The scientific study of the previous collapse 8,000 years ago points to the ‘Valle del Bove’  or the Valley of the Ox. In 2006, Maria Teresa Pareschi, Enzo Boschi, and Massimiliano Favalli published a paper called “Lost tsunami” in which they presented their theory that the eastern side of Etna collapsed into the Ionian Sea 8,000 years ago, sparking tidal waves that struck the southern boot of Italy, Western Greece, Tripoli, Cairo, modern day Israel and more causing havoc on the scale of recent tsunami.

Their research included study of the village of Atlit-Yam, a neolithic settlement near the current shoreline of the Mediterranean. Buried in a clay stratum are fish gutted and stored. This abandoned store of food could be dated and was used to support the supposition of a sudden event.