Birmingham Air Freight Alternative

JLK Trucking in Birmingham Alabama offers a hot shot freight shipping alternative to air freight or delivery to and from the air freight terminals at BHM and other air freight airports and ports. JLK trucking offers dock to dock dedicated freight shipping services up to 12,500 lbs, freight hauled on dedicated trucks with dedicated driving teams, freight delivered from shipper to customer.

Shipers using air freight also use JLK trucking to move the freight from their dock to BHM and HSV, freight moved dock to air freight shipping terminal, also use JLK trucking instead of air freight, shipping to and from Birmingham Alabama, Huntsville, Montgomery – JLK emeregency shipping, trucking.

For freight expediting with air freight JLK triucking to Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Little Rock, Atlanta all faster than Air Freight, emergency shipping hot shot loads call JLK Trucking Birmingham Alabama forĀ emergency freight shipping.