Net Neutrality Explained

We found the best ever explanation of net neutrality here;

Think about data like you think about water. A certain sized pipe can only deliver water at a certain maximum speed, and it takes electricity and pumps and infrastructure to do that.

Then think about the kid in his basement running multiple torrent servers as the guy who wants to fill his swimming pool with water every few hours. It takes electricity and pumps and infrastructure to do that.

Then think about grandma, who can save $ 200 a year off her phone bill by using Skype or MagicJack instead of the government regulated phone company.

Net neutrality makes sure that all the kids filling their swimming pools with data prevent Grandma from making a phone call.

Atlanta ERP Companies

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a term that evolved from MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning or even Materials Requirements Planning going back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, IBM Mainframes and the Mapics software package. Early MRP was used by manufacturers with bill of material explosion requirements when the very process of recording a product structure on the computer was done with antecedents of the Hollerith card and a heavy reliance on batch processing.

Early versions of Mapics utilized low level codes to allow bill of material traversals of an entire companies product line. The Materials requirements planning process generally included a Master Production Schedule whereby customer orders were combined with a sales forecast or presidential edict and pushed down the product structure or bill of material while multiplying by the number of component peices per parent to achieve an new demand called the dependent demand, now stored at the next level down.

Before the advent of Winchester disk drives, this dependent demand was punched to a new Hollerith card for the next round of batch processing. Wow, what a trip!

These days we will look back upon some day the schism between ERP software and the CRM or Customer Relationship Management aspects. Really advanced CRM functions may integrate with phone systems and trouble ticket systems as well as billing,service configuration and automated on-line customer service functions. As the older customers in a customer service client base still rely on phone calls to customer representatives, the younger patrons are more likely to interact with company product and service schedules and capabilities through a web portal.

ERP on the other hand is primarily an in-house set of functions and procedures, best described perhaps as accounting software on steroids. While an accounting system must keep track of all transactions affecting the bank account, and usually accounts receivable, ERP widens the grasp to areas such as purchase orders, independent demand orders or sales orders, product structure, shop schedules, scheduling of presses and work centers, warehouse inventory management, and sometimes even payroll.

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Commercial Painting Contractors

Commercial property owners and commercial property managers need to conserve their working capital and face many difficult decisions weighing the cost of current maintenance and the downside of expensive maintenance if a situation is not addressed. This is just the situation that came up at Google headquarters located somewhere east of the Mississippi River in the United States. Google called on Buckeighty Painting Company to provide painting contracting services for a building located somewhere in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee or Ohio. That is, the Google facility for which Buckeighty Painting Company provided commercial painting contractor services is not a public walk-in facility of Google. It was one of many Google facilities where Google employees use the internet and their array of cleverly programmed computers to provide search results and cloud services for American’s in the southeastern United States.

But since we don’t have and don’t seek permission to tell everyone the locations of facilities that we think and would agree with our customer are vitally important to the functioning of our economy, we can only give you a sort of thumbnail sketch of the painting work we performed at a building where Google employees provided their great Google services. In this case a situation arose relating to metal surfaces on a roof exposed to the elements. Only about ten years old, nonetheless, these metal surfaces had their painted surfaces peeling and the corrosion of rust and such was starting to take place. We stripped the surfaces down to bare metal and applied a primer and a finish coating. One of the processes we used was a two part epoxy coating that provides a longer life in the sun, hail and hurricaines of the southeastern US, which could apply to buildings in Birmingham Alabama, Columbia South Carolina or even Wheeling West Virginia.

A two part epoxy coating for metal is a money saving process only in the long run. Up front the commercial property owner or commercial property manager will pay more for this process, but in the long run a commercial property manager saves money on commercial painting contractor services. Since a large part of a painting project is the labor involved, commercial property managers look for ways to save the number of times things need to be done over even a two or three decade span of time. The smart people at the big internet search company for which we provided commercial painting contractor services were willing to pay a little more in the short run to commit to their business in the long run.

Buford Ga Roofing Companies

Buckeighty Roofing has spent 18 years in residential roofing, asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing and even commercial metal roofing in and around Buford Georgia, Lilburn and Braselton. Buckeighty Roofing has been around for Georgia residents in the north east suburbs of Atlanta with its excellent warranty. When replacing asphalt shingle roofs with quality roofing materials, the fine print usually pro-rates the value of the material over say 25 years. So if you bought 15 square of asphalt shingles 24 years ago and the manufacturer can be convinced to pro-rate your material replacement, you have to consider that 25 years ago shingles cost six to seven dollars a bundle, and you will be, if you can even get them to listen, to pro-rate off that original cost you paid for material. so lets say they give you five percent of 50 bundles, that adds up to fifteen bucks.

So my point here is that you should use a high quality asphalt shingle from the start, because when you look at the 25 year manufacturers material guarantee, once you get past five or so years, and you look at the fine print, there isn’t much punch to the warranty. That is not to say, when dealing with a reputable shingle manufacturer, that the longer guarantees are not worth it. Certainteed for example has a good color selection and they have a premium landmark 300 lb shingle that they call a lifetime shingle, and the warranty is good. For example, we have seen shingles blister under the hot sun. Don’t get me wrong, never with the Certainteed brand, but we have encountered these sorts of manufacturing defects.

With another manufacturer, which I refuse to name here, we have seen them come back a year later and pay to have the entire roof replaced. Now that is a warranty. It is regrettable that a manufacturing defect would inconvenience the homeowner with needing to replace the roof a year later on their home. But with the reputable asphalt shingle manufacturers, you can expect that kind of support if they did make a mistake in the manufacturing process.  Roofing also stands behind their work. We offer a seven year warranty on our workmanship. Some roofers play the same game with ten and twenty year promises, but they are just counting on going out of business and coming back under a new name later.

Gypsy roofers also are common in the roofing industry, and their workmanship is really spotty. They only want to make sure they can get their old pickup truck out of the neighborhood before the roof leaks. But not at Buckeighty Roofing. In fact for residents of Lilburn, Braselton and Buford Georgia, if you sign your roofing contract with Buckeighty Roofing before August 31, 2011 and your electric bill shows your address to be in Braselton, Buford Georgia or Liilburn on the property we are replacing the roof, we offer a free ten month follow up inspection to the roof.

Homeowners might not see the importance of inspecting a roof less than a year after replacing it. But this great idea serves to take advantage on the timing of manufacturers warranties on defects when it really pays to catch them. Most defects are readily observable by trained roofing professionals well before the leaks occur. If you read the find print on asphalt shingle roofing guarantees, even on a thirty or 40 year shingle, you will find that after a couple of years, they won’t pay much. Buckeighty Roofing has been replacing roofs for 18 years around Grayson and Buford Georgia.

So don’t hire somebody that won’t be around to help if there is a problem with your asphalt shingle roofing replacement, either because they over promised or they are just a here today and gone tomorrow bunch of storm chasers. For Buford Ga Roofing use Buckeighty Roofing company.

Crating Services

International shipping of crated goods requires for many destinations heat treated wood to meet the target country’s wood crate guidelines.  This insures that your shipment will not be impounded because of fears of insect infestations.  Mark the Mover provides Atlanta crating services for crating required for shipping, storage, air freight, reusable crating, artwork crating and storage and crating for trade show exhibits.

Georgia Manufactured Stone

Buckeighty has spent four decades providing natural stone products to the Atlanta area.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to cut natural stone as well as customize effects like a bullnosed stone edge. Additionally we have always supplied area masons with all their stone project needs.
Our line of manufactured stone offers a lighter weight and less expensive stone siding for homes that can replace dull wooden or vinyl siding with the remarkable look and durability of manufactured stone. Our experienced natural stone professionals have spent years refining a new kind of building material, manufactured stone veneer, which provides the look of natural stone at a lower cost, weight and easier to use.
We have developed molds and manufacturing processes to create a product used for building, renovation,, remodeling, commercial and for siding for homes.  We cast in flexible molds and incorporate integrated colorant with a variety of natural mineral pigments. Our lightweight aggregate materials create veneers approximately one-quarter the weight of full-thickness stone that do not create the weight burdens that prevent the use of natural stone.
Buckeighty ships their manufactured stone products to Georgia, South Carolina and throughout the south eastern United States. With five different faux layouts and dozens of colors and textures, our manufactured stone stone veneers come in the right choice for your project.

Atlanta Roofing

We don’t generally put a lot of thought into the roof on a house we buy or build but there are some things to know about the roofing materials that we have to choose from when replacing an asphalt shingle roof. The roof contributes to the look of the house, so when building a new house, adding on, or re-roofing, think about your choices.

If you really want to look at all the players, the choices range from asphalt shingles to clay tiles, metal roofs and rubber lookalike slate. Like stone siding, the trend in roofing is towards engineered roofing materials. This change is being driven by a few different factors. One is simply the high cost of wood. The second is that in many cases, codes now mandate the use of fireproof construction materials. And third is the enhanced look of engineered materials that create the image of something that is spectacular and unique. Still, asphalt shingle are the most dominant roofing material in the Atlanta area.

Asphalt shingles are commonly a standard three-tab shingle. They are available in a dozen or so different colors both solid and blended. The shingles made today are guaranteed for 20, or in some cases 30 years. Value is the principal advantage of this roofing but it is the same old same old. The next thing up is a thicker variation called an architectural shingle. These shingles are built up to be about twice as thick as a normal shingle with the layers staggered to give them a heavier full dimensional look. In some colors they resemble slate, and in other colors wood shakes. With a modest upgrade in cost and a 30-year guarantee, architectural shingles also represent an excellent value with an added touch of style.

Cedar shake roofs are an option, maybe in the mountains of Northern Georgia at least. 10 years ago we began using a plastic matrix product that is like a scrubby pad which allows air to circulate behind the shingles. For all their great looks, wood shingles and shakes are expensive to install and do require some periodic maintenance, typically in the form of washing to remove any mildew or moss, and then re-oiling with a clear wood finishing product. Another expensive option is slate. It lasts for generations, sheds ice and snow, and is very expensive. Instead of real slate, consider an “engineered” product, a slate lookalike fabricated from recycled rubber and plastic. It is only about one-third the weight and cost of slate, these shingles can be installed using standard tools and techniques.

Metal roofs come in the form of corrugated, galvanized sheets, have been a standard feature of barns, sheds and other agricultural and utility buildings for years. This type of roof is cheap, rugged, long-lasting and easy to install — perfect for a utility application. On the other end is a copper roof, elegant enough to grace the country’s finest mansions and public buildings. Metal is a great choice for a house in snow country, as well as in agricultural country. There is much to choose from between the galvanized low-end and the copper high-end. Several types of metal shingles are available. Regardless of the style you choose, in general, a properly installed metal roof should last you at least 50 years.

Ceramic tile roofs are found in the Mediterranean and parts of Florida and California. Barrel tiles resemble half cylinders about 16 inches long. In the old days they were individually made by hand, their tapered shape achieved by forming the clay over the top of the thigh. Tile roofs are heavy, so the roof framing must be stout. The process is labor intensive, which makes an authentic tile roof expensive, three times the cost of a standard three-tab shingle job. Additionally the tiles can fracture in the ice storms of Atlanta, We expect more rubber engineered tile roof lookalikes though to become popular.

For Dacula Roofers call Roofing where our 18 years of roofing expertise will help you decide on traditional and engineered roofing systems for your home and business.

SC Rock

  • Igneous, granite
  • Sedimentary, sandstone
  • Metamorphic, quartzite
  • Metamorphic, marble
  • Igneous, quartz
  • Metamorphic, gneiss
  • Metamorpic, schist