Covington Ga Mayoral Race

In the 2011 race for Covington mayor, Ronnie Johnston was among the first challengers to announce his intentions to run. His business background includes developing a chain of dental offices, which the family sold in 2010. Johnston attended budget and council meetings and decided the city needs a good communicator and listener.

Please direct press releases announcing the intentions of local candidates to

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Property Taxes for Vanity Photos

The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners facing the voters in upcoming elections have used county funds for photography, printing and framing of portraits. Follow the link above to see the Chairman in the largest portrait, flanked by the other two commisioners. If you pay property taxes in Rockdale County Georgia, you might be interested in the cost of the portraits to taxpayers. Here is just the cost of photography, printing and framing;


Also see;


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Rockdale County Home Invasion

Three shot at Rockdale apartment complex

Ful Article from AJC –

Three shot – two serious, one not life threatening
Sunday night, May 15, 2011 around 10:30 PM (22:30)

WSB report – Country Walk Apartments –

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Investigators say they believe the shooting began as a home invasion, possibly a robbery. – –


I saw a reviewer say that they thought that they had found the Atlanta soup nazi, straight out of Seinfeld. And it was not the lady that ran the hamburger stand over on Monroe, which is closed now. It was the people at the Olympic Flame Diner on Marietta Blvd. This is your standard independent fast food diner serving breakfast and lunch near Berkeley Park, Atlanta and near the Pepsi Plant.

The Gold Medal Diner took over the space used by the Crescent Moon in the Mall of Georgia by the Theater entrance. Gold Medal Diner discontinued operations. Too bad, they had a breakfast menu that you would find at a full service diner, a greek pastry desert selection and a number of tasty entre’s for lunch and dinner.

The Olympic Flame Diner, 6am to 2pm Monday through Friday

North of the King Plow Arts Center and South of the Pepsi Plant on Marietta Blvd.