Clogged sewers and slow drains

If you have taken a bath or shower and found standing dirty water then you may have slow or clogged drains or sewers. Or perhaps when doing laundry the suds back up and we might think of those toxic chemical drain cleaners. But those are not only not environmentally firendly but they are often a waste of money when it comes to drain cleaning. If you want to deal with the problem, use a licensed Atlanta plumber for a check-up and it will cost less in a long run. Other poblems are smelly and stinking drains and bathrooms, or worse yet the laundry room. Blockages in the drains and sewers have many reasons like simple hair blockage or your kids may have thrown toys into the drain and blocked it. A blockage can also come from the sewer pipe where creeping tree roots may require the examination of your sewer line by a professional plumber who can rooter the plumbing and then use a camera inspection to find  out the exactl cause or your plumbing woes. Using chemical treatments on the drains is at best a temporary fix and probably won’t work at all. Chemicals do nothing other than leave your toilet or laundry room smelling of toxins and are harmful to the planet. It better to use professional Atlanta plumbers to assess and remedy  your drainage problems with the help of the proper tools. But before the plumber is called, you can try a plunger, which is a usefule tool to dislodge the blockage, and sometimes a permanent solution. Environmentally friendly, a water plunger produces suction in the sewer pipes and toilets. Leave some water around the drain or in the commode and then try using the water plunger to create suction in the drain pipes with the help of the remaining water. The suction might dislodge the blockage. If not, a plumber will use a snake or an auger to do a rooter job on the sewer pipes. Using long flexible steel coils to dislodge stoppages in curved drains and sewers is a common job for plumbers. Also a camera inspection can be performed to assess the state of the sewer lines.

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Atlanta Structured Cabling

Huntsvilla Technologies is a voice and data network cabling specialist, installing cable solutions for voice and data that are structured, efficient and effective, even for the most complicated project. Our structured cabling methodologies meet your needs now and in the future with an eye to the demands of future technology. We install managed cabling in the horizontal, vertical, above-floor or below-floor configurations. We install networking equipment, telephone systems and internet access via T1 incliding KSU’s and PBX’s plus offer on-site training, to ensure that your network and voice operations operate successfully. Recent projects include the installation and ongoing maintenance of cabling solutions for the City of Covington Georgia.

Services include voice and data cabling design and construction:

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A
  • 2-wirre and 4-wire voice, pots and voip.
  • Carrier lead-ins
  • Power over Ethernet
  • CCTV and security systems
  • IT and Network equipment handling and installation
  • Office build outs

For Atlanta Structured Cabling contact Huntsvilla Technologies

Buckeighty Plumbing Atlanta

Sandy Springs Plumbers Buckeighty Plumbing can help with clogged drains and leaks as well as install faucets and instant water heaters plus they do rooting and sewer repair, install and replace toilets and sinks and every plumbing situration. From Dunwoody, Buckeighty plumbing serves Chamblee, Doraville, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta. Buckeighty plumbing can install a tankless water heater that conserves water by reducing the running of the water tap just to get the hot water to come out. We also install and replace traditional gas and electric water heaters, when your water heater goes out and you need a new water heater in a hurry call Buckeighty Plumbing.

Buckeighty plumbing also can search for and find leaks with our high tech ultrasonic leak detection equipment. We also have cameras to probe in walls and sewer lines to fix and find the cause of plumbing problems. If you are looking for Berkeley Lake plumbers call Buckeighty Plumbing today at 770-.

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1. SERVICE. Call Buckeighty 7 days a week. 

2. FAIR PRICES. We want you to use Buckeighty Plumbing for your Plumbing needs from now on!

3. ACCURATE ESTIMATES. We provide up front pricing for all plumbing and sewer repairs.

4. GUARANTEES. Lifetime guarantee on underground sewer and drain repairs, and a 2-year warranty on all above ground plumbing repairs!

5. STOCKED and EQUIPPED. Faster Peachtree Corners service for all plumbing and sewer needs.

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Georgia Limestone Fabrication

Limestone fabrication is a modern technique for producing architectural grade finishing pieces for limestone facades, walls and garden effects. The Buckeighty Center in Covington Georgia has a modern limestone fabrication facility in Newton County with limestone fabrication capabilities accessible to Atlanta, and the Buckeighty Center has an additional showroom on Johns Island in Charleston South Carolina. With three decades of limestone fabrication experience and natural stone fabrication, Buckeighty Center specializes in restoration projects and new construction and produces sustainable, finished product such as veener paneling, profiling arches, columns, capitals and garden effects like benchs and decorative pieces.

The Buckeighty Center produces large runs of edgework such as bullnose, demi, rounded, ogee, waterfall and bevel. Buckeighty Center also produces limestone countertops for unique outdoor kitchen finishes, and the Buckeighty Center Atlanta Showroom in Newton County offers a complete line of outdoor kitchen equipment and on display outdoor kitchens in our outdoor outdoor kitchen showroom. Buckeighty Center has a nine acre yard near Conyers and Covington Georgia with architectural stone, landscaping stone and stone boulders in stock.

The South Carolina climate is perfect for outdoor living, and fall is the perfect time for looking at outdoor kitchen projects. Outdoor fireplaces keep away the bugs in outdoor kitchen formats that blend perfectly with a stone deck and patio outdoor entertaining format with deluxe fabrication capabilities from The Buckeighty Center for limestone countertaps and limestone fabrication.

More natural birth and breech babies

Atlanta Georgia Chiropractor certified in the Webster method.

Chiropractors have come to recognize that a mothers skeletal health and well being can contribute to the inability of the baby to gain the proper attitude before birth. Your baby is not being un-cooperative, rather the stress of the added weight and change in abdominal pressures can lead to spine and skeletal misalignments that in turn lead to muscle spasm and discomfort and the baby is never truly free to work within the mothers womb. The growth of the baby in the womb must proceed as naturally as possible without irritation that we all would feel in our spine and rib cage when a child grows toward birth term.

Breech babies used to be delivered vaginally much more frequently than in today’s litigous age, doctors fearing lawsuits are quick to perform cesarean surgery. While some might argue compellingly that the risk to the baby is minimal and that the risk and stress to the mother are acceptable, biblically and logically parents committed to their families and as concerned for the health of the mother, risks of infection, and thousands of years of evolution frequently wonder whether they are exposing mothers to risky surgery in childbirth too frequently.

There are three common forms of breech babies, feet first, butt first and butt and heels first together. Today’s incredible ultrasound techniques allow doctors to clearly see the attitude of the baby well in advance of delivery, and mothers seeking vaginal delivery often conflict with their doctors as to the risks of natural birth vs. surgical birth.

Mothers seeking natural birth have sought ways to turn the baby into head-down natural position to avoid breech by visualization, swimming, pelvic elevation on the back, yogic cat stretches, gentle belly wiggling, massage, acupuncture, special diets, knees to the chest, walking and medical turning.

Only the medical turning is widely reported to be painful and stressful, all these techniques are good for the mother and relatively painless, except perhaps acupuncture, especially if you are afraid of needles. However, many Americans see little logic in the acupuncture approach, and try without success the gentle home approaches and seek a natural method of turning a breech baby that is not stressful, yet is effective.

Some Chiropractors are certified in the Webster’s Breech Technique. Skilled practitioners report over 85 percent success with only three treatments, with no more pain or discomfort than mothers see in a normal pregnancy. The medical community is increasingly recognizing a few Atlanta area Chiropractic Doctors as being valuable for families planning the best balance of the mother and infants health with healthy and natural vaginal births where possible. For more information on turning babies Atlanta contact the Conyers Family Chiropractic Center on Salem Road in Rockdale County.

Old Dominion

The Commonwealth of Virginia is also known as ‘Old Dominion’ and borders the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. Richmond is the capital, Virginia Beach the largest city and Fairfax County the largest Virginia metropolitan demographic area. Virginia has a population greater than eight million.

Virginia was one of the 13 Colonies in the American Revolution and a member of the Confederacy in the American Civil War. The Virginia General Assembly is the oldest state house in the Americas. Computer chips are the state’s leading export.

Virginia is bordered by Maryland to the north and east and West Virginia to the west. It sits atop North Carolina and a bit of eastern Tennessee and borders Kentucky to the immediate west. Shaped kind of like you would draw some mountains, on the east side of the peak in the north of Virginia are Washington DC and Arlington Virginia where Arlington National Cemetary and the Pentagon reside. Other famous areas of Virginia include Lynchburg in the center of the state and Norfolk and Williamsburg.

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Virginia Beach Virginia Beach – Get your free travel guide, complete list of hotels, attractions, festivals, events and more. Everything you need for your Virginia Beach vacation is 

The Pentagon

While give a Washington DC address by the United States Postal Service, the Pentagon is in Arlington County Virginia, adjacent to the Arlington National Cemetery and the Potomac River. Headquarters to the United States Department of Defense, the five sided building was designed by American architect George Bergstrom and dedicated in January 1943 during the height of World War II after less than 18 months of construction.

The Pentagon is also known as the world’s largest office building with 25 to 30 thousand employees housed in the building. The building is actually a complex of five story corridors to comply with Washington DC’s general architectural flavor which is devoid of towering buildings. The Washington Monument is the peak of Washington DC’s architecture and no skyscraper or other edifice will ever change that.

The Department of Defense is also sometimes what we mean when we refer to ‘The Pentagon’ and the terms have become interchangeable. The Pentagon complex consists of a series of five sided ringed corridors and the center of this complex is a large courtyard, historically known as Ground Zero, a name given to it during the Cold War with the Soviet Union when it was assumed that a Soviet ICBM was targeted at the building. The ringed complex allows ample light to enter thousands of offices as well as fresh air keeping the thousands of office workers just steps away from a connection with the outside world, no matter what floor or office they inhabit.


The Lanier Diner was a greek style diner and bakery with a large menu and ample seating in Buford Georgia.  This Lake Lanier restaurant venue closed in 2010 due to a slow economy.

The Gold Medal Diner was a Buford Ga eatery located in the Mall of Georgia near the main entrance.  The closest restaurant to the movie theater, the Gold Medal Diner closed in 2010 due to a slow economy.

The Olympic Flame diner on Marietta Blvd north of King Plow Arts center has a great chili dog and onion rings.  The Olympic Flame in Atlanta is near the Howell Mill exit on I-75, near Northside, near Collier, near the Pepsi plant and near Nuevo Laredo Cantina.

Restaurant Equipment Hobart

Major manufacturers of Restaurant and Food Service preparation equipment;

Hobart, based in Troy Ohio, manufactures and distributes ovens, fryers, coolers and dishwashers for a short list. Hobart is known for helping Herbert Johnson, an engineer in 1908 at the company, develop the first mechanical mixers for baking. The mixer has become an important tool in food preparation, pharmaceuticals and even plastics and petrochemicals. Anywhere a batch of ingredients is combined in large scale a mixer is used.

Hobart first made famous the KitchenAid line of mixers. To spur sales, Hobart created citrus juicer and meat grinder attachments for their home mixers. For home use though, the KitchenAid was outshone by the Sunbeam Mixmaster.

Hobart was founded in 1897 as an Electric motor manufacturer, and rapidly found that they should create applications for the electric motor to increase sales.

Hobart Restaurant Equipment