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Companies and even bars and restaurants have been developing web-sites for years, and some have even organized their web presence by making the most of the companies presence in directories like DMOZ, google places, bing and yahoo local. However, there are minor differences between the needs of a stationary business where consumers come to see products or use services, and service businesses that consumers need at their home. Atlanta businesses needing to evaluate and update their strategies rely on MSInc – Web Atlanta to manage their internet strategies. Business owners have relied on us to recover hijacked local listings, web-sites that are lost to hosting companies out of business and ongoing updating and expanding of the on-line presence of a company.

MSInc – Web Atlanta has web presence maintenance plans that start for small companies at less that $ 1000 per year. We also handle the marketing of companies doing millions of dollars in annual business. The first thing we do is to find the areas where a company is the weakest in their overall search engine strategy. Most consumers are no longer using yellow pages and white pages to find your business and it is time to make certain your company has a phone number found quickly on the internet. For example of you search for ‘Atlanta Google Ranking’ and click on the first link you will find our phone number.

We also look at the internals of your web-site and conduct keyword frequency studies. We add link exchange modules at some point and recommend you do some light linking with friends and neighbors. Many websites also benefit from a link building process, we use the Yahoo site explorer to evaluate the inbound link population and look to get a website linkages of between 50 and 1000 depending on the size of the company. We have engaged in marketing companies that had little exposure and found their traffic triple in less that six months. That is three times as many people gettting your phone number quickly and easily or being exposed to your brand-name.

For optimization of your internet strategiy to fit your business we have programs for different budgets, but generally recommend a company spend at least one half of one percent of their gross revenues on the internet, and we can show you how to do that effectivly. Contact Atlanta SEO to help your company get new customers from thin air.

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Florida data including data on information about Titusville at the Florida Info site. Catch a marlin or Mickey Mouse with ears in Panama City, restaurants in Miami and where to find a good cuban sandwich. Suitcase city and Tampa Florida with their cigar district and the Jai-Alai and the betting at the Tampa legal betting with greyhound too. Lots of horse farms around Brandon Florida and the crazy alien religious folk in Sarasota.

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Though nearby lands are close enough To hear their roosters crow The people will be so content That not a one will want to go  If you live in the simplicity at your center, you will not want to go anywhere. You will see that there is nowhere to go and no one here to go anywhere. You are the still center of existence. There is nothing at your center to move. Can you see that everything moves in you while you remain absolutely still? Simplicity also means contentment with little. Of course you need the basic necessities of life. But do you need great wealth or fame? If you are seeing that at your center, as awareness, you are totality, you will have no need to build a self. Nothing can be added to totality.

You are whole and free to enjoy the delights of living!  Can you see this freedom? At center you are free of everything. You are free of sounds, of movement, of colors and shapes, thoughts and feelings. And this freedom is not merely freedom from. It’s also freedom for. As the Tao, you are empty and empty-headed, open and free. You are always free – for accepting, for embracing and for loving existence. Why not stay free? Don’t try to make a name for yourself. Don’t try to get a-head. Don’t try to face the world. Just see that all existence is facing you!  81. Truth need not be eloquent And eloquence may not be true There is no need to argue When truth is shining through Those who see may not be learned The learned may not see To see you merely need to look In pure simplicity The seer doesn’t have to hoard And does not fear to lose The more you give, the more you have So why should you refuse? Why not give it all away? For emptiness brings benefit And as the seers always say The more you give, the more you get  Lao Tzu began his text by telling us that the Tao cannot be named. His final words recall that theme. See it. Don’t just talk or write or think about it. It’s not contained in words or names. See it! Let go of all that keeps you from seeing what really is. See your true identity, this aware nothing that you are, right here where your face is absent and your head is gone. See that all that you let go as identity comes back as content. Nothing is lost. To see that this is true, all you need to do is look.  Look again now. No need to point this time. You know where to look by now. Can you see the Tao, the absence of a head that is at the same time the presence of the multifarious world? This is total seeing. Nothing is left out. Only the head, the name, the false self is missing. Totality remains!   And that’s the end of the story.

There is nothing for you or me to do but continue seeing the truth about the world and its origin within each of us. I am grateful to Lao Tzu for sharing his Tao with me. I am also grateful to all of those who have interpreted his writing in English. I have depended on their renderings of the text to attempt my own version. Above all, I am grateful to Douglas Harding for showing me what he calls two-way seeing. There is nothing like seeing the truth, nothing more rewarding. Again I will recommend that you read any of the books that Douglas has written. All of them contain experiments in seeing. Doing the experiments is a sure way to make total seeing your accustomed way of seeing the world. You have nothing to lose but your head!

Beginnings The Lalor’s of my family were farmers in Queens county (Laois), Ireland, settled in and around Rathdowny. Baptismal and death records show that at various times the family may also have lived at Errill, (1835-46) Lyrogue, (1846-50) Kileahaw (1850-55), (there are various spellings of this town given) andKilcoke. Griffiths Valluations show that JAMES LALOR leased 18 acres of land in Rathdowney with two other people. John Lalor leased land and a house in Kilkoke with 5 other people including a Daniel Lalor. all the above mentioned places are near Rathdowney and in the Rathdowney parish but are in different directions and not far from Errill. Grogan was the Parish church at the time. Historical note on Rathdowney; It takes it’s name from the rath or ring fort which until 1840 was at the end of the town square near the Church of Ireland church. It was originally a 13th century manor. Rathdowney was not developed as a town until early in the 19th century with brewing as the main industry up to 1966.

For information on the Septs of Laois and Lalor origins follow this link. They emigrated to Australia in 1857 after the Great Famine. The family came in separate groups as assisted and unassisted migrants, no mean feat as the passage to Australia was far more costly than to America, and given the privations they must have suffered during the famine, saving for the journey must have been extremly difficult. On arrival in Australia the family settled in Victoria, where once again they were farmers. The Victorian Landscape where the Lalor’s setteled was not unlike that of Laois, the difference being that James Lalor’s sons and daughters soon after arrival became landowners. An impossibility in Ireland. Ten years after his arrival James Lalor owned a house and two acres of land in Epping (1867- to his death in 1877 ).



*Immigration was 10%
*Child birth was 90%
*Between 1800 in 1849 the average woman had 5 children
*In 1870 the average woman had about 3 children
*African heritage in 1790 was 20% and decreased to 10% in 1900
*There was a very high infant mortality rate: 1800 130 deaths per 1000 live births and in the 1900s 88 deaths per 1000 live births
*Doctors did not know how to treat infant illnesses
*Because of high birth rates the population increased
*The median age in 1820 was 17, today is it about 33
*Many people began to seek dreams in the trans-Appalachia region
*In the 1780s only a few hundred Americans lived north of the Ohio River Valley
*By 1830 hundred thousands lived in Michigan territory, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois
*Ohio 1,000,000
*Indiana 350,000
*Illinois 150,000
*Settlers moved as families
*Young men often traveled alone
*Families had to clear the land, plant a crop, and build a house, all with hand tools and muscle power.  They developed quick methods for building a shelter and clearing the land.  Shelters were rough log cabins or lean-to. Instead of cutting down trees, they scarred the bark so they would die this was called girdling.  They used fire to clear under growth here they planted corn.
*Daniel Boone- 1775 the Transylvania Company employed men to build a Wilderness Road through Cumberland Gap.  The road began in eastern Tennessee and ended in what is now Louisville Kentucky.  The road became the mail route to trans-Appalachia for countless Americans.  Boone became the leading citizen in the Ohio River Valley; he was a member of the Kentucky state legislature, a hunter and trapper.  Migrated to Missouri in 1799, he died there in 1820
*Settlers swarmed to Alabama and Mississippi.
*Florida became a state in 1819, gaining 35,000 American settlers by 1830.
*In 1795 Spain and the U.S. signed the Pickney treaty, named after Thomas Pinckney.
1.Southern boundary was at 31 degrees north, leaving Florida to Spain
2.U.S. citizens allowed free use of the Mississippi River through Spanish territory
3.Spain and U.S. agrees to control Native Americans living in each country?s territories, and prevent them from attacking the other country’s territory
*During 1810s, Spain faced rebellions in Southern American colonies.  Spanish tried to put down rebellion and paid no attention to Florida.  The Seminoles took advantage of this ad stepped up raids on Southern Georgia settlers.  This angered American officials because the Seminoles were taking in escaped slaves.
*Andrew Jackson, War of 1812 veteran invaded Florida, started march in 1818 with 2,000 men, swept across Florida border with in a few weeks.  Claimed possession of entire western territory.  Spain was outrages and congress threatened to condemn Jackson.  Most Americans applauded Jackson.  Adams accused Spain of breaking the Pinckney treaty in order to make the best of the situation.  Spain’s representative Don Luis de Onis y Gonzales worked out a treaty with Adams
*1816 Transcontinental treaty or Adams- Onis treaty, Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. and gave up their claim on the Pacific Northwest.
*U.S. now stretched from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean.
*The treaty fixed the boundary between the Louisiana Purchase and Spanish territory in the west.
*To settle disputes The United states ceded its claims to a huge territory in what is now southwestern U.S. territory, including part of Texas.
*African American pioneers settled in Florida and other areas.  98,000 moved west with owners between 1790 and 1810
*194,000 in Kentucky, Tennessee and the Gulf coast
*144,000 followed between 1810 and 1820
*Slavery forbidden north of The Ohio Rover Valley because of the Northwest Ordinance.
*African Americans who gained freedom could live in that region
*Many settlers did not want them in their states.  They feared competition for jobs and land.  Made laws to discourage African Americans from moving to the north.
*In Illinois African Americans had to pay $1,000 security bond unless they already owned land.
*Native Americans were forced west gradually loosing their lands to government treaties.  Made long dangerous journeys to new areas west of the Mississippi River.  Numbers continued to shrink because of disease from white settlers.  Devastating epidemics regularly swept through Indian villages on both side of the Mississippi river.
*Many fought to preserve their way of life
*The Cherokee’s adapted.  Under John Ross, Cherokee’s created a legal system and government that blended Cherokee and European tradition.  Many gave up the practice of common lands and accepted the custom of private property, practiced slavery, and held 1,300 African American slaves.  They became farmers and produced many goods.  Published their own newspaper, used alphabet created by Sequoyah.  In 1827 declared themselves and independent nation.  All this did not save the Cherokee; white settlers wanted their land.

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